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Data Modul AG increased revenues in 2008 in the business segment Industry by 2.8 % - Dividend recommendation: 0.45 EUR per share

(PresseBox) (München, ) The Munich based company Data Modul is a leading European Corporation in the area of display technology. Data Modul develops, manufactures and distributes innovative flat displays, monitors, electronic sub-assemblies, and complete information systems.

During the final quarter of last year orders declined in both the business segment Industry as well as the segment of Information Systems. Due to irrelevant numbers from the discontinued business segment of Multi-media, the following comparisons are based just on results of the continuing business segments. Revenues of 132.6 million euros were achieved in 2008 compared to 136.1 million euros a year ago. The reduction of 2.6 % is due mainly from project based revenues in the segment of Information Systems. Order entry declined due to the economy by 12.3 % to 121.6 million euros (138.6 million euros last year). Order backlog still represents a revenue flow of 6 months. The export quota reached 36 % (38 % last year).

Analogous to the revenue development, the EBIT (earnings before interest and taxes) also declined from 10.0 million euros last year to 8.0 million euros this year. Profit after tax reached 4.3 million euros (5.0 million euros last year). Based on just the continuing segments, earnings per share equalled 1.34 euros compared to 2.30 euros last year. Including the in 2007 discontinued business segment of Multi-media, the prior year's comparison would have been 1.57 euros per share. The corporation's profit is the basis for the dividend recommendation of 0.45 euros per share (0.60 euros last year) that will be made at the Annual Shareholders' Meeting on April 29, 2009. The shareholders' equity in the Corporation improved by 8.7 % to 32.4 million euros, and the equity quota reached 50.2 % (45.2 % last year). This equates to a equity value of 10.09 euros per share.

In general we anticipate 2009 to be a difficult economy for the technology branch and foresee a tendency for decline in revenue and profit development. To counteract this general tendency, Data Modul has begun a savings program to reduce the costs in the present and in future years.

As it looks today, 2010 should return to a basis of normal market development where revenue and profit growth is possible.