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Four new indulgence products in one carton

(PresseBox) (Frankfurt/Main, ) 'Sweet as you like' is the name of a new dairy dessert concept from Danisco that consumers can customise after choosing between four different kinds of desserts - all from the same carton.

Consumer-driven innovation

Danisco is a B2B company, but also a focused trend spotter. In the case of 'Sweet as you like', Danisco conducted direct interviews with consumers in a series of European countries and, based on these, developed a product that takes convenience to a new level and caters to a trend: combining the convenient with the homemade.

Homemade - and fast

Based on the desired outcome, the 'Sweet as you like' desserts can take on a variety of forms - sauce, panna cotta, whipped topping or ice cream. The texture opportunities of 'Sweet as you like' include liquid, creamy and gelled, aerated and aerated and frozen.

'The product caters to the indulgence market for convenient products, but the desserts that can be made from it are at the same time 'homemade' in the sense that the consumer makes the decision on which of the four fast and easy desserts to prepare - whether one wants to make a pudding, a sauce, a mousse to mix and customise with e.g. fruit or chocolate - or to freeze it and get a 'homemade' ice cream treat,' says Linda Friis, Senior Application Specialist, Danisco.

Markets targeted

Several major players on the Western European dairy market are testing 'Sweet as you like' and separate announcements will follow.

The ingredients at the heart of the new dessert come from the GRINDSTED® 4000 Creamline range. Manufacturers fill the liquid desserts into containers and the desserts remain stable throughout their shelf life.

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