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Politicians In Race To Downing Street Can Now Be Stopped From Sniffing The Opposition's Secrets

(PresseBox) (London, ) Cyber-Ark today disclosed details of On-Demand Privileges Manager(TM) , part of its PIM Suite V6.0 due for 'official' release at next week's InfoSecurity, effectively slamming the doors and closing the blinds to anyone with designs on snooping around the network - regardless of their political persuasions or role within the organisation. The first to unify superuser access control, policy management and audit and reporting for both privileged users and the superuser accounts - Cyber-Ark provides a truly holistic Privileged Life Cycle Management Suite of Solutions.

Whilst David Cameron's manifesto may include a crack down on state snooping and Nick Clegg is vowing to restore people's right to privacy, Westminster is not renowned for respecting each other's confidentiality - in 1983 the then PM, Margaret Thatcher, is said to have used Echelon to spy on at least two government ministers to establish what they were 'thinking'. Technology has moved on since the Iron Lady's reign and politicians no longer need to rely on external agencies to do their snooping if so inclined, using an admin account they could quite easily gain unfettered access to key systems, sensitive databases and critical networks and potentially sabotage an opponent's campaign in an effort to gain an advantage ahead of the May 6th Election.

Insider's are always a concern for security personnel and targets for external groups, but when these same insiders leverage their privilege access to key systems and run free and clear in the enterprise, with no control, monitoring or early warning systems, they can see, (and change or shut down) almost everything that is going on in the network. Using On-Demand Privileges Manager, politicians and companies alike, now have the ability to granularly control their privileged users' activities, access and commands, even down to the individual command level. So organisations are no longer susceptible to the free access and activities of a single power user in their organisation, and can instead rest easy that their internal plans and sensitive campaign information are safe from being manipulated outside their control.

No longer science fiction but today's reality, politicians could be using traditional industrial espionage tactics with a 21st century twist, already experienced by organisations in the real world, to get at the most vital information of their peers and competitors - ideal in the race to secure the keys to No.10 or bid it a final farewell.

Unlimited access, and the ability to do essentially anything to these key systems and information, is why so many companies of the largest banks and government bodies around the world are now investing in the right security solutions that address their Privileged Identity challenge - looking to control, monitor and manage what their privileged users can actually do on these key systems in particular. You can meet the masterminds behind this technology - Udi Mokady - cofounder and CEO of Cyber-Ark and Chen Bitan - VP of R&D for Cyber-Ark during InfoSecurity Europe held at Earls Court, London on 27 - 29 April stand E100.

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