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CHIRON launches two new powerful machining centers at AMB

Live demonstrations on eight machines, From entrymachines to highly productive TURNKEY solutions

(PresseBox) (Tuttlingen, ) CHIRON will present live demonstrations of a total of eight powerful machining centers, two of them new machines, at AMB from the 16th to 20th of September in Stuttgart. Making its debut at the show is the new compact single-spindle FZ08 MT, which is intended to meet particularly high precision and surface requirements on chucked parts or for bar machining.

Also new at AMB is the DZ18 W Magnum, with two spindles, extended travel paths and greatly enhanced dynamic performance.

CHIRON is exhibiting in Hall 5 on Stand C12.

New, compact multi-talented FZ08 MT

The new highly-dynamic FZ08 MT turning-milling center represents a significant step on from its predecessor, thanks to its reduced outer dimensions and much higher precision and dynamic performance. Requiring just 3 m² of space, it is available with a swivel head and turning spindle as well as a counter-spindle. The very compact machine has travel paths (X-Y-Z) of 210 mm, 200 mm and 360 mm. In the standard version, the machine is equipped with reliable ball screws. Linear direct drives are also available where there are greater demands on the surface finish.

The swivel head is now equipped with a torque drive, so that the spindle arrangement almost completely eliminates the need for compensating movements of the linear axis. This has a significant effect on the precision that can be achieved. With a swivel range from -10° to +100°, speeds up to 54,000 rpm are possible. The pick-up tool magazine can accommodate 40 tools as standard, with 60 or even 100 tool positions as options.

With an 8,000 rpm spindle speed, 11 Nm of torque and a 32 mm bore bar capacity, the turning spindle is ideally suited to turning and milling complete parts. An opposed head with swivel axis is integrated for 6-sided machining of complex workpiece geometries, with optionally counter-spindle, torque rotary table or simple static clamping devices.

Larger, faster, more dynamic: the new DZ18 W MAGNUM

Extended travel paths, greater axis dynamics and larger tool dimensions are the highlights of the new double-spindle DZ18 W Magnum. The distance between the two spindle centers is 400 mm. Larger bridge dimensions and travel paths are now available for the efficient machining of of large components: up to 830 mm in X, 530 mm in Y and 450 mm in Z. The axis speed of the new 18-series machine has been increased from 60 m/min to 75 m/min - and with appreciably greater dynamic performance - the maximum accelerations are now up to 1.3 g in X, 1.7 in Y, with an optimized 2.0 g in Z. Direct path measuring systems on all axes ensure maximum precision during machining. Depending on the equipment variant, the main spindle drives reach speeds of up to 16,000 rpm and a torque of 180 Nm, giving a high cutting capacity.

Tool change times reduced to just 2.4 seconds for HSK-63 tools also contributes toward the improved dynamic peformance. On the new DZ18 W MAGNUM, tools can have a diameter up to 78/160 mm, a length of 380 mm and an individual weight of 10 kg.

CHIRON's first horizontal machining center offers power and efficiency

With the 26 series, CHIRON is presenting its first horizontal machining center, which was introduced for the first time at the EMO 2013. It has bridge dimensions from 1250 to 3,000 mm and travel paths of 630 mm in Y and 600 mm in the Z direction. The double-spindle machine is available with spindle clearances of 600 or 900 mm.

Spindle speeds up to 10,000 rpm and a torque of 390 Nm allow for high cutting capacities so that castings and steel parts can be machined particularly productively. The AMB machine is equipped with an HSK-63 tool taper. The two spindles can be moved in the Z direction independently of one another. With the machining center designed for speed, large components and structural parts from the automotive and aerospace industry, for example, can be produced efficiently to high quality levels. For 4- and 5-axis applications, the proven CHIRON rotary table technology with torque drives is available.

The new vertical 24 series for large components

The models in the new vertical 24 series are also designed for cutting large components. With travel paths of X 830 mm / Y 630 mm / Z 630 mm, a torque of 320 Nm and spindle speeds up to 15,000 rpm, they offer powerful cutting capacities, maximum precision and high speed. The new machines are available either with one spindle or, as can be seen at AMB, as the DZ24 W with two spindles, with a clearance of 400 mm or 600 mm. The proven workpiece changing table with CHIRON rotary axes allow loading and unloading during machining and a fast workpiece change in 3.5 seconds, making a significant contribution towards enhanced productivity.

Fast rapid feeds and high axis accelerations make for extraordinarily high dynamic performances.

To make it easier to load large workpieces with a crane, the door opening of the DZ24 W is large and access to the work area is barrier-free. HSK-63 taper tools can be used up to a length of 370 mm and a weight of 8 kg.

Maximum productivity in a small amount of space

To demonstrate how maximum productivity can be achieved on a small foot print at AMB, CHIRON will show a compact four-spindle machining center TZ15 W MAGNUM in combination with the "ToolTower".

The TZ15 W Magnum stands for efficiency par excellence: Cost per part can be almost halved on a double spindle machining centre, so with four spindles unit costs are only about a third of what they would be on a single-spindle machine. The energy required is also much lower - reduced by more than 60%. At the same time, it only needs a fraction of the floor space. The "ToolTower" tool magazine also helps here, with the tower format saving a lot of space, while the modular 130-, 170- or 210 capacity tool magazine can quickly change tools during machining.

Fast and automated for complex workpieces

Complex workpieces can be efficiently and quickly machined in series production using the CHIRON FZ12 FX combined with the fully-integrated FlexcellUno automation solution. The machining center is equipped with a 2-axis swivel rotary table and five simultaneously controlled axes.

Tool diameters up to 125 mm and spindle speeds of up to 40,000 rpm allow the machine to be used in a wide range of applications. With the robust and very fast CHIRON rotary axis technology, it is universally applicable and very precise.

The FZ12 FX is also fast thanks to rapid feed speeds up to 75 m/min and accelerations up to 2 g. Chip-to-chip times on tool changes start from 2.1 seconds to give short non-productive times.

The integrated FlexcellUno robot cell consists of a handling robot and a pallet storage for up to twelve blank and finished part pallets. The pallets are changed in parallel with the machining operation, so there are no delays to production. The integrated automation solution requires a minimum amount of space and can be implemented or transported together with the machining center as one unit. The system is perfectly suited to fully automated operation.

Universally applicable: MILL 2000

The MILL 2000, which will also be exhibited by CHIRON at AMB, is a proven and universally applicable precision machining center. This single-spindle machining center with a vertical travelling column design can either be used with a rigid head or NC swivel head for infinitely variable, programmable positioning of ±110° for 4- or 5-axis machining.

The longbed machine is available in different table variants with X travel paths from 800 to 8,000 mm.

Tools are changed using the pick-up method, starting at 1.5 seconds. The tool magazine has room for a maximum of 60 HSK 63-type tool slots. Optionally, a background magazine for up to 163 tools can be supplied as an option.

Baseline - CHIRON quality for new users

From its new baseline product line, CHIRON will also demonstrate one of three full-fledged, inexpensive and short lead time precision machining centers aimed at new users at the AMB. The proven single-spindle FZ 15 W type machine can be used universally and flexibly.

The work-table changing machine will win over new users with its high productivity and reasonable price/performance ratio.


The origins of the CHIRON Group, which is based in Tuttlingen, go back to the year 1921. Since the 1950s, it has been part of the Hoberg & Driesch group of companies in Düsseldorf. Today, CHIRON is a globally active company with subsidiaries in all the important industrial countries and has about 1600 employees. The company concentrates on the development and manufacture of vertical precision machining centers for challenging metal cutting. CHIRON sets standards with modern production principles in its manufacturing, which is characterized by both high quality and low costs per piece. The company makes around half of its turnover through sales of turnkey solutions, and now exports about 60 percent of its machine tools. Among the customers from the automotive and aerospace industries, machine construction, medical engineering and the watches and jewelry industry are many who are international leaders in their fields.