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New pdfToolbox 4.5: Visual inspection, Office to print-ready PDF conversion and page organization

New pdfToolbox revolutionizes PDF file preparation and is indispensable in any Web-To-Print environment

(PresseBox) (Berlin, ) callas software today announces the availability of its updated pdfToolbox range of products. Version 4.5 of the pdfToolbox product line builds on the concept of making PDFhandling for print production bullet proof and as easy as possible for any user. It is now offering an extremely intuitive and time saving visual inspection tool and introduces a foolproof way to convert native Office files into printready PDFs. In combination with a new Web Integration Kit for pdfToolbox Server, this is an ideal solution for any printer receiving files through a webportal.

Visual inspection - high speed xraying of PDF page content

pdfToolbox 4.5 introduces visual inspection capabilities by adding "Temperature" highlighting. This Viusalizer feature adds colored highlighting in different levels depending on the gravity of certain problems and is available for: Ink coverage, Image resolution and Small Objects. This way, problems can be detected automatically and solved by priority.

In order to verify color separations, in pdfToolbox 4.5 users can look at individual channels or combinations of color channels (Full, CMY Only, K Only, Process Colors Only, Spot Colors Only). The total area coverage is displayed individually for all process and spot color inks as well as for the total area coverage of all inks combined.

A comprehensive visual inspection report can be exported in both the Desktop and the Server version of pdfToolbox 4.5 - available as PDF, or as JPEG files for integration into web portals.

From Office files to printready PDFs

The highend, low barrier "Office To PDF" conversion is available in both the Desktop and the Server version of pdfToolbox 4.5. It converts Office 2007 and Office 2010 files in Windows and Open Office files both on Mac and Windows. pdfToolbox deals with all the issues and color conversions needed to make these files correctly printable. It even adds bleed and cropmarks to facilitate finishing.

Easy page management

pdfToolbox 4.5 introduces the PageMover. The PageMover allows for easy page management within one or across different documents. Through a simple drag and drop feature, users can move, copy and reshuffle pages as they wish.

Web-To-Print integration

Integration has always been callas' forte. With pdfToolbox Server 4.5 callas introduces a completely new Web Integration Kit, showing many examples of how to easily integrate specific pdfToolbox functionalities into an online application.

"Most websubmission tools are limited to basic preflighting of the submitted job. With the new callas Web Integration Kit we demonstrate how to integrate any pdfToolbox feature into an online application", concludes Olaf Drümmer, CEO at callas software GmbH. "This opens up a host of new possibilities for online businesses, without moving the responsibility for corrections back to the document creators, who don't have any prepress tools to do that in the first place."

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Pricing and availability

callas pdfToolbox 4.5 is immediately available at €499. Upgrades from previous versions of pdfToolbox 4 are free. For upgrades from earlier versions, please contact

callas pdfToolbox Server 4.5 is available at €3999. For upgrades from earlier versions, please contact

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