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How 3D plant design software can help you secure more customers

3D design software helps to plan plant design projects quickly and provides impressive presentations to customers

(PresseBox) (Cambridge, UK / Pittsford, NY, ) 2D raises a lot of questions

The existence of 3D design data doesn’t mean the customer have the projects presented to them in 3D. Whether they are detailed drawings or complex layouts, they are often presented to the customer as a 2D printout. This leads to many unnecessary questions. In consequence many details need to be explained verbally to the participants because they aren’t familiar with reading engineering drawings. A lot of details remain unclear because, for example, the heights can’t be recognised in the 2D view.

The first impression pays off 

In addition to the many advantages of 3D plant design, such as design speed, detailed parts lists and collision detection, 3D offers invaluable benefits for project presentation. First impressions count, and the customer evaluates the design right at that moment. When the customer receives several offers, he or she naturally compares the competitors with each other. It helps here to show the customer their plant in 3D and impress them with a tour of the plant. The presentation is guaranteed to stick in the customer’s memory, and so will the offer.

Regular 3D design and presentation of plants in 3D generates customer interest so you can increasingly stand out from the competition and let projects speak for themselves. This leads not only to more projects from your own customer base but also ensures a regular flow of new customers.

Screenshots and video walkthro’ for the website

The website is the ultimate business card and the first contact point for interested prospects. It is all the more essential to highlight your own design services. 3D screenshots of your own plants help convince visitors and give them a feel for the quality of your plants. Videos help all the more to present your design data and design quality clearly. Interested customers will know immediately that the plant design is being done in a very professional and modern way and are more likely to want to see an offer. As a result, thanks to 3D images and videos of the plants on your website, you will reach more customers.

The plant design software for all requirements 

The MPDS4 plant design software covers the comprehensive requirements of plant designers and offers integrated 3D presentation tools. This enables companies to design plants in 3D and present them to the customers in an impressive way. A free trial version of the software is available. CAD Schroer also offers companies the opportunity to access free support during the trial period.

CAD Schroer GmbH

CAD Schroer is a global software development company and engineering solutions provider, helping to raise the productivity and competitiveness of customers working in manufacturing and plant design, including the automotive sector and its supply chain, the energy sector and public utilities. CAD Schroer has offices and subsidiaries throughout Europe and in the United States.

CAD Schroer's product portfolio includes 2D/3D CAD, plant design, factory layout and data management solutions. Customers in 39 countries rely on MEDUSA4®, MPDS4™ and STHENO/PRO® to provide an efficient, flexible and integrated design environment for all phases of product or plant design - cutting costs while raising quality. CAD Schroer emphasizes close customer partnerships and supports its clients' objectives through extensive consultancy, training, development, software support and maintenance services.