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At the Heart of Plant and Process Expertise: CAD Schroer after daratechPLANTT 2009

Listen, Learn, Share and Refine - daratechPLANTT Conference Key in Shaping Future Technology

(PresseBox) (Moers, Germany and Pittsford, NY, USA, ) CAD Schroer Group (CSG), the global engineering solutions provider, has just returned from a successful daratechPLANT conference, introducing its MPDS4 plant design and factory layout solution. CSG's technology is aimed at fast 2D/3D conceptual design and pre-sales configuration for mid- sized manufacturing, machinery, plant and installation design companies which deal with a lot of mechanical content.

CAD Schroer came to demonstrate its latest developments, but also to learn from peers and listen to industry experts, Owner/Operators and EPCs (Engineering/Procurement/Construction contractors). daratechPLANT is the industry's premier networking event, which provides a rare opportunity for all stakeholders in the Chemical, Process, Power and Nuclear industries to get together over a concentrated 3-day period to discuss the latest industry challenges and developments.

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"All software providers know how easy it is to get caught up in the technology itself, when really it's about enabling companies and engineers to do what they're good at, help them work more productively and deliver quality installations quickly. That also means being mindful of an industry's tight regulatory constraints, the competitive environment, and an often heterogeneous data and systems landscape," says CAD Schroer's Product Manager Mark Simpson, who was joined by the head of CSG's U.S. office, Don Terepka, and Technical Consultant Alan Pitt at the conference. "We've had a lot of interest in our approach, and look forward to more detailed discussions. We also took away a lot of knowledge which will help us to continually refine our solutions."

CONFIGURE > SELL > DESIGN > BUILD > MAINTAIN* In addition to providing a plant design solution deployed to productively assist the "DESIGN > BUILD > MAINTAIN*" processes that formed the basis of this year's daratechPLANT conference, CAD Schroer emphasizes that its solutions uniquely address the pre-sales configuration stages by offering an integrated 2D/3D layout environment.

MPDS4 with FACTORY LAYOUT allows users to quickly produce winning proposals or process plant layouts based on existing CAD data, with impressive 3D visualizations and walk- throughs. Changes can be made in 2D or 3D on the fly, and all data from the pre-sales or inception phase can be reused during the main project phase.

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CAD Schroer GmbH

CAD Schroer Group (CSG) is a global software development company and engineering solutions provider, headquartered in Moers, near Duesseldorf, Germany. The company has offices throughout Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, and independent subsidiaries in France, Italy, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States. Its products are sold direct and through an extensive, customer-focused partner network in countries throughout the globe.

CSG's product suites include the 2D/3D design automation solution MEDUSA4®, including the MPDS4T Plant Design System with FACTORY LAYOUTT, as well as STHENO/PRO®, a professional drafting plug-in for Pro/ENGINEER® users. Both systems come with a number of user-specific add-on modules offering efficiency gains for the most diverse areas of product and plant design and development. CAD Schroer also offers extensive consultancy, training and software development services.

CAD Schroer's aim is to provide customers with the best possible solutions for design engineers and the engineering process, as well as to support its clients' strategic goals. The company's own technical and engineering background, and its emphasis on close working relationships with customers worldwide, have fostered a "by engineers for engineers" approach to software development - always keeping abreast of the latest demands placed on engineers by modern product development processes in a highly competitive market space.