Two innovative motorhomes show market leader's expertise

Bürstner expands its range of motorhomes to include the spacious Brevio panel van and the Grand Panorama luxury liner / Caravan range streamlined

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Motorhome and caravan manufacturer Bürstner is starting the 2013 model year with two premieres that are sure to attract plenty of attention. The new Brevio series with a vehicle length of less than six metres combines the advantages of an easy-to-handle, converted panel van with those of a spacious, fully insulated semi-integrated model. The Fiat Ducato serves as the basic vehicle. The walls and roof are made using solid sandwich technology, thus replacing the common, usually insufficiently insulated metal walls found in this class. A large rear hatch, which nearly opens to the vehicle's entire width of 2.1 metres, makes it easy to load, while at the same time serves as a cover to turn the area behind the parked motorhome into an open-air veranda protected from the elements.

The second innovation is found in Bürstner's high-end range. In the top class of integrated motorhomes, the new Grand Panorama series is celebrating its premiere. In addition to its elegant exterior look, sheer inexhaustible spaciousness and the highest degree of comfort, each of its four floor plans have another striking thing in common. The front features a panoramic windscreen: the glass goes up to the ceiling and gives this new Bürstner series its name. Never before has it been possible to enjoy a panoramic view this impressive from a motorhome - it's the kind of view that turns every kilometre of a holiday journey into an experience. The windscreen glass originates in coach production and features special technology that protects it from cracks and other damage.

The Solano series will no longer be offered in the future. Nevertheless, the line-up of motorhome models has grown to 12 different series with a total of 53 different floor plans - two more than last season. Countless innovations and improvements flow into current production. Individual models can thus be optionally equipped with a hail-proof roof, which in turn has a positive influence on insurance premiums. The Hartal entrance door can also be optionally integrated into the base vehicle's central locking system in many models, significantly enhancing both comfort and security.

Bürstner has made a major advance in new lighting technology. LED lights immerse the interior in atmospheric lighting.

Bürstner offers a total of 36 different floor plans in its caravans, divided up between the four model series: Premio, Averso, Averso top and Averso plus. Two of these floor plans have been newly added to the entry-level Premio class. The Averso is even seeing the debut of six new interior layouts. Bürstner has continued to consistently implement its lightweight construction technology, realising new platforms which save up to 50 kilograms in the Premio, Averso and Averso top series. This allows for the use of smaller towing vehicles and helps reduce fuel consumption. Above all, the loading capacity comes out a winner with the help of innovative lightweight construction. After all, campers don't just want to be well-equipped on holiday, they also want to take home some delicious specialities from their holiday destination. The Belcanto and Trecento models are no longer being offered.

Turnover for the current financial year will be slightly less than that for the same period last season. The reason for this are the substantial market setbacks in southern European countries where volumes have dropped by more than half in some cases. This development affects France, Spain and Italy in particular, but also the Netherlands and Denmark,and has led to lower caravan sales. The 2012 season is ending with around 3000 vehicles sold. Motorhome sales, on the other hand, have been stable. 5,950 Bürstner models were sold, and the brand continues to be the undisputed market leader for semi-integrated vehicles in Europe. Turnover is expected to reach a volume of 313 million euros, with the earnings situation continuing to be stable. Bürstner currently has a total of 1,037 employees, 26 of whom are apprentices. It is thus one of the most important companies in the Baden economic region. The number of employees remained almost constant.

Compact dimensions, unlimited possibilities: The new Brevio

Bürstner is setting new standards in the compact caravan segment with the Brevio. By using solid and optimally insulating sandwich components, which form the interior instead of the usual metal walls, the panel van class has become fit for winter use. In addition, the right-angle design of the cabin allows for a better use of space. The Cappuccino, the alcove suggested above the cab, also creates cargo space and standing comfort. The Skyroof is a standard feature here, allowing good ventilation and the best lighting conditions in the interior. The Brevio, which uses the Fiat Ducato as its base vehicle, gets its sporty look thanks to its attractive design. Three exterior paint finishes - white, silver and champagne - are available to choose from. The hail-resistant GRP roof is available as an option. This compact caravan's wide rear hatch can serve as weather protection while at the same time making it easy to load and access the interior. A rear bicycle rack offered as an accessory can be folded away to the side.

The two-tone furniture panelling with an amaranth finish and a 3D look characterise the Brevio's high-quality interior design. 1.95 metres of headroom are enough to give even tall campers an excellent sense of spaciousness. A kitchen with a two-burner gas hob, a 104-litre refrigerator, gas heating, a 120-litre fresh water tank and a cassette toilet are other features in Bürstner's newest caravan.

Bürstner is offering one version of the Brevio for the model's premiere. The 5.99 metre long Brevio t 600 has an unladen weight of 2,680 kilograms and a loading capacity of 620 kilograms. A laterally positioned double bed is found in the rear; a dinette is in the front. With a trailing load of up to 2,000 kilograms, the Brevio is ideal for towing a sports boat or horse trailer. The Brevio t 600 is also a fully adequate substitute for a car in everyday use.

A passion for luxury: The new Grand Panorama

The elite class is getting a new highlight: Bürstner's Grand Panorama is a top-notch motorhome, offering its passengers and inhabitants the highest degree of comfort and sophistication. The four floor plans, with cabin lengths ranging from 8.42 to 9 metres, are based on the luxurious ambiance of a cruise suite, while spacious room dimensions, impeccable craftsmanship and complete furnishings make these top models from Bürstner a genuine experience. Even the exterior appearance sets standards. The oversized, sweeping front windscreen is one of the Grand Panorama's unique selling points and also inspired its name. The upward view was limited, specially in fully integrated motorhomes, due to the edge of the roof being so far towards the front. Rides through the mountains thus lost some of their appeal. The panoramic windscreen, which comes from coach development, now allows for an uninterrupted view of the landscape and horizon, turning every kilometre of a holiday journey into an unforgettable experience. As in highly modern coaches, the rear-view mirrors are also suspended. A carefully coordinated graphic and the various paint colours of opal (standard), white (optional) and silver (optional) are sure to make the Grand Panorama a head turner wherever it is parked. Because of the double floor concept and the abundant headroom, the vehicle height has increased from nearly two to three metres.

The Grand Panorama is being launched with four models, three of which are based on Bürstner's previous high-end models in the Elegance series. The i 830 G offers an L-shaped seating area with a side bench on the other side as well as a sleeping area with a free-standing double bed. The i 910 G and the i 915 G have the exact same floor plan in the front and an overall length of nine metres. Both have a spacious L-shaped seating area and a side bench, an L-shaped kitchen with rounded edges, a 160-litre refrigerator and numerous storage options. The RaumBad (spacious bathroom) has plenty of room for everyday hygiene. The two models differ in how they are laid out in the rear. A king-size bed in the 910 G or comfortable single beds in the i 915 G perfectly meet the different needs of experienced campers. Both models have a full-size garage. The i 920 G is new in the series and offers a functionally designed RaumBad (spacious bathroom), which clearly separates the living area from the sleeping area. As in the i 915, there is also a large L-shaped seating area with a side bench and sideboard, a spacious kitchen with a 160-litre refrigerator and a free-standing double bed. The overall length of this model is also nine metres.

Features include, among others, the Fiat Ducato combined with the AL-KO wide-track, low-frame chassis, ABS, cruise control, fog lights, LED parking and daytime running lights, and black polish alloy wheels; an air suspension system is offered as an option. Pilot seats, a leather steering wheel and automatic air conditioning in the cab, an electric step, folding supports in the rear and the GPR roof all come standard.

Rich in variety: New floor plans for the Nexxo, Ixeo time, Ixeo plus and Viseo

Bürstner is expanding its range of floor plans in the Nexxo, Ixeo time, Ixeo plus and Viseo models for the 2013 season. The t 729 with low single beds has a lowering of the rear to optimise storage options and is part of the Nexxo series. The new it 590 is a two-person vehicle in the Ixeo time series. It is compact at 5.99 metres long and has a toilet compartment in the rear. Its large living area offers lots of room to relax. A bonus point for the it 590: The kitchen features a standard 160-litre refrigerator. The it 695 has an L-shaped seating area, a long side bench and a versatile round table. A double bed, positioned lengthwise, is in the rear. The it 745 has a laterally positioned bunk bed in the rear and a spacious living area. The L-shaped seating area and side bench offer lots of freedom to move around so that everyone can be comfortable when spending time together. A VarioSeat, which would allow for five seat-belted seats, is optional for the it 745. A successful Ixeo model has made its way into the Ixeo plus series in the form of the new it 700 floor plan. With its L-shaped seating area, versatile round table with a pedestal and a spacious side bench, this model offers a living area with a high degree of comfort. The range of Viseo models has been expanded to include the i 690 G (single beds), which offers lots of room and comfort with an overall length of less than seven metres. The i 707 P is based on the i 707, but it is equipped with a pilot seat (hence the addition of "P") instead of the side bench as well as a panoramic window. This model is approved for five people. The new Viseo i 725 has a laterally positioned bunk bed in the rear, an L-shaped kitchen and a spacious living area in the front with an L-shaped seating area and a side bench. With the VarioSeat option, this floor plan can even be used with 5 seats and berths.

Solid and price-conscious: The Premio caravan series

The Premio series was completely revamped last season. It forms the basis for Bürstner's caravan range and has seen a substantial boost in sales during the current financial year. For the model changeover, changes have thus been limited to focusing on attention to detail and a new floor plan. The Premio 490 TK, designed as a family caravan, has a spacious round seating area in the rear, which can also be used as a double bed. A bunk bed and a children's seating area in the front give kids plenty of room to move around.

The new Averso: A new look inside and out

For the new 2013 season, the Averso features a completely new look on the inside and out. This series is positioned in the mid-range segment and clearly attests to Bürstner's core competency as a traditional manufacturer. The same lightweight flooring that is used in the Premio is now used in the Averso as well. As a result, weight savings of up to 50 kilograms could be achieved so that even customers with smaller towing vehicles can tow a mid-range caravan. This year's new Averso features contemporary furnishings and more dynamic forms as well as six new floor plans, thus bringing the number of different Averso models to eleven.

The rounded windows, the plating of the cabin with the new finely hammered panelling along with the new exterior graphics convey a fresh and dynamic quality. The new lightweight flooring, approx. 50 millimetres thick, and the newly constructed 30-millimetre thick exterior walls provide excellent thermal insulation. The headroom in all Averso caravans has been raised three centimetres and is now 1.95 metres. The cabin in the standard version is painted white; customers can also select silver as an option. The opening angle of the gas compartment cover has been enlarged; a hydraulic hinge keeps it open and makes it easier to load. The compartment not only contains the spare tyre, but also has room for two 11-kilogram gas tanks.

The interior of the Averso surprises with asymmetrically designed furnishings, which create a greater sense of spaciousness. New overhead cupboards above the seating area and the bed give the living area a fresh look.

The new kitchen in the Averso delights with harmonious forms as well as practical and spacious soft-closing drawers. The new sink and the hob were set back even further, thus creating a much larger work surface area with more room for gadgets and appliances such as a coffee maker. Folding elements to expand the work surface area can be added depending on the floor plan. The size of the refrigerator also depends on the floor plan: the Dometic appliances are available in volumes of 80, 104 and 160 litres. The attractive TEC Tower can be added as an option in the 450 TS, 465 TS, 500 TK and 560 TK models. Other features include a 12 V ventilation system, the Truma S 3004 gas heater with automatic ignition, hot water supply and an LED awning light.

The best of everything: The Averso top

The popular Averso model series now offers an upgrade to the new mid-range segment: the Averso top. The design corresponds to that of its sister model, but the far more luxurious furnishings clearly take the Averso top into the upper mid-range segment. The cabin comes standard with smooth metal panelling, while the factory-fitted alloy wheels attest to greater sophistication. The two special paint finishes of silver and opal are available as options. A 160-litre refrigerator (depending on the floor plan) and a mounting bracket for a flat-screen TV are just some of the standard features.

The design of the interior is chic, elegant and modern at the same time. The Averso top features the Noce Prosecco wood finish. The rounded hatches in a two-tone look magically create a pleasant ambiance of well-being. The round seating areas are standard and are equipped with two headrests, which can be positioned as desired. High-quality cold foam mattresses guarantee the best possible sleeping comfort. The lighting concept with energy-saving LED track lighting provides appropriate lighting. The kitchen is equipped to satisfy discriminating tastes and features additional helpers such as standard rubbish containers in the entrance doors and an optional extractor hood. Reflective surfaces on the refrigerators and chic bathrooms leave no doubt as to the high quality of the Averso top. Even the basic version of the Averso top convinces with countless important details. The AL-KO chassis with a semi-trailing arm suspension, drawbar cover, the AKS 3004 stabiliser, rigid supports, vent windows all round with fly screens and blinds, the Midi-Heki skylight, a bike garage in the 480 TK and 495 TK (optional in the 560 TK), insulated wheel cases and a service hatch are all standard features.

Innovation never stops: The Averso plus

With its innovative fold-down bed concept, the Averso plus has been modified inside and out to approximate the new design of the series. The three popular floor plans, 410 TS, 440 TK and 510 TK, are still in the product line-up. An enlarged service hatch is offered for the longest floor plan, which makes good use of the storage space under the bunk bed. There is even room for a small bicycle.
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