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nGage - New innovative Employee Engagement and Social Networking solution - a "Killer App" for SharePoint

OI Software and the Bridge Incubation Group sign agreement to prepare EMEA-wide market introduction of nGage and provide business development services

(PresseBox) (Oxfordshire, United Kingdom / Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, ) nGage is a new innovative software product that integrates specifically with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. It extends and leverages SharePoint's core functionality to transform your intranet into a platform for universal Employee Engagement. Its support for the development and execution of engagement strategies is as unique as it is compelling. As comprehensive as it is powerful.

"I am very excited about this new solution" said Arjan Nataraj, Managing Director of Microsoft Gold Partner Tam Tam, one of the leading SharePoint implementation innovators in the Netherlands. He continues: "Employee engagement is always on the agenda but not easy to achieve. nGage can become the platform for solving this issue. The use of the latest Microsoft technologies makes it even more compelling".

Employee Engagement

nGage directly supports various notions of what drives Employee Engagement - including helping leaders to clearly communicate goals, strategies and values - and to listen to what the organization has to say.

nGage also helps and celebrates employees being good citizens and going the 'extra mile' in support of their organization. Employee Engagement is a massive driver of performance. No matter what your current level, nGage with SharePoint brings a comprehensive, coherent, integrated framework for dramatic improvements.

nGage with SharePoint

nGage is software that integrates specifically with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS). It complements and leverages SharePoint's core functionality to transform an organization's intranet into a platform for universal Employee Engagement. And it gives leaders and managers powerful new tools to monitor and drive organizational, departmental, team and individual performance.

nGage transforms SharePoint 2007-based intranets into measurably dynamic behavioral, communication, knowledge and talent management hubs. It does this by extending SharePoint's out-of-the-box functionality with highly viral social networking features and rich support for generating and capturing ideas and innovation. It then tracks every relevant usage of SharePoint - both core (e.g. checking in a document, publishing a blog, contributing to a discussion) and our extended functionality (e.g. giving feedback, Q&A, submitting an idea, rating someone else's). This data is then available to be aggregated, published and analyzed.

- To the individual's 'Reputation Spider' - a vivid, graphical representation of an employee's reputation as an 'engaged employee'.
- As powerful internal communications content - e.g. top performing individuals/departments by any criteria you choose or this month's highest (peer) rated idea.
- To the Leadership Dashboard - e.g. allowing usage/behavioural trends to be tracked, departmental black holes and hot spots to be identified and benchmarks and targets to be set and managed.

Benefits of nGage

- nGage drives and measures collaboration, citizenship and innovation and aligns these 'discretionary behaviours' to organizational strategy: this is a generally accepted definition of Employee Engagement and proven to be a massive driver of organizational performance.
- nGage not only enables Innovation, it constantly reinforces the notion that being an innovator - individually and collaboratively - is part of the expectation of being an employee. That means a constant stream of great, peer-rated suggestions for top and bottom line performance improvements and, more importantly, the readiness to execute on them.
- The business case for nGage can be attached to strategies for Knowledge and Information Management - because it encourages and measures the creation and capture of valuable content that might otherwise be lost to the organization - and makes it accessible via Enterprise Search.
- nGage provides strong support for Internal Communications - because it automatically generates great content - and transforms a SharePoint-based intranet into a medium for interactive conversations that draw in all areas and levels of an organization.
- nGage is a powerful Talent Management resource: nGage directly supports recruitment (through employee referrals) and its highly viral social networking features provide great support for on boarding, integration and retention. And, because it drives universal uptake of My Profile, you get unique visibility of and access to all the talents and aspirations within the organization.

"Employees are the most important asset of an organization" says Johan Pellicaan, CEO of the Bridge Incubation Group. "Often, people do contribute, post an article or come up with an idea. But more than often, it's only a small group within the organization that makes up the active contributors. nGage drives everyone to become engaged, building a great company! Social Networking is great, but how does it benefit YOUR company? nGage is a serious social application that really drives personal and organizational performance." he continued.

nGage and Microsoft

OI Software's nGage is developed for the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) platform using the latest Microsoft technologies. The nGage WebParts are designed to take the look and feel of the Client's SharePoint configuration and will seamlessly fit with corporate branding. Using Silverlight and AJAX for an enhanced user experience, all WebParts have been designed for usability from the ground up.

Developed using the latest Microsoft .Net Server and tools platforms, nGage is a cutting edge technology solution. Based on the newly released Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database platform and using technologies such as WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) and LINQ, nGage provides a solid platform for high usage volumes.

Key to nGage is its intended integration with existing BI toolsets such as Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and Microsoft Performance Point Server.

"We are very pleased with the feedback from the market and a number of SharePoint MVP's. nGage can potentially drive SharePoint ROI to a complete new level because it promotes employee engagement like no other product does " said Paul Henry, OI Software's CEO.

About OI Software
OI Software ( is an independent UK company founded in 2007, based in Thame, Oxfordshire. OI Software is the developer of nGage, the software product that integrates with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server to transform intranets into platforms for universal Employee Engagement.

Bridge Incubation Group BV

The Bridge Incubation Group B.V. (Bridge) incubates software companies within the EMEA market. Bridge delivers services in the areas of business planning, channel development and optimization, sales and marketing. The company was founded in 2007 by Johan Pellicaan, former Director of Microsoft Corporation and ProClarity Corporation.