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BINDER MKF Series Environmental Simulation Chambers

Innovative redesign brings large improvement / BINDER ensures direct and convenient access to test samples

(PresseBox) (Tuttlingen, ) Easy access to test samples to ensure convenient loading and unloading is a feature that is normally not available in large environmental test chambers. BINDER has solved this problem elegantly and efficiently by simply rotating the chamber 90°. BINDER's MKF, with a volume of 720 L, has an inner chamber that is 120 cm wide and only 60 cm deep, a configuration that stands in total contrast to our competitors' products. This unique design allows test samples to be loaded easily, and even samples at the back can be conveniently reached without disturbing other samples.

In addition to this clear advantage, the new generation of MKF chambers incorporates several other innovative features as standard equipment at no extra cost. These benefits are the result of 25 years of experience in the scientific sector. BINDER produces some 21,000 units every year at its modern plant in Tuttlingen. Drawing on experience gained from dealing with the extremely stringent requirements in medical science and research, such as precise maintenance and control of temperature and humidity, BINDER also incorporates these advanced features into its products for industrial applications. The ability to mass-produce modular environmental test chambers results in competitive pricing and short delivery times. Equipment options such as a heated observation window with interior lighting integrated into the door are standard features on BINDER units; competitors offer these options only at extra cost.

The new MKF covers a temperature range of 10 to 95°C [50 - 203 °F] at a relative humidity of 10 to 98%; in a dry environment, temperatures ranging from -40 to 180°C [-40 - 356 °F] can be achieved. Such precision in temperature control is available only from BINDER and is standard in all of our units. MKT and MKFT units for deep-freezing applications can achieve even -70°C [-94 °F] at a rate of change of approximately 5°C [9 °F] per minute. These outstanding heating and cooling speeds permit even faster temperature changes, thus allowing more complex test cycles. A number of new technical refinements have led to this temperature precision. The LED lighting system is now integrated into the equipment door observation window, outside of the interior chamber. This increases service life and prevents heat transfer into the chamber. The door is heated separately to prevent condensation. The chamber is now completely sealed with a precise closing mechanism consisting of two gaskets, one on the door and one on the housing, as well as new door fittings.

The heater and the fan are now installed on the back panel of the units to provide extra space. The horizontal airflow design ensures natural simulation by means of a symmetrical airflow that feeds air through the entire sidewall surface, uniformly and without turbulence. The heaters are now arranged along the periphery of the fan, thus accelerating the heating-up process. Thanks to this new heater arrangement, access ports can now be provided at almost any position in the sidewalls. An additional cable grommet can be integrated into the door. The refined humidification and dehumidification system injects superheated pressurized steam into the interior through an electronically controlled valve to ensure rapid and homogenous steam distribution. Humidity is controlled by a capacitative humidity sensor, a feature "borrowed" from BINDER's scientific equipment series. The sensor is completely maintenance-free, drift-free, and ensures uninterrupted testing. This test chamber operates using either distilled water or tap water with a hardness of up to 8°dH. The BINDER Pure Aqua Service system is an easy-to-use and flexible water purification system that extends maintenance service intervals and can be operated independent of water quality, even with water that has a hardness of more than 8°dH.

All of the technical components, such as the steam supply module, the refrigeration and the electronics, are located in the lower cabinet for easy accessibility. The integrated water tank can be filled from the front without being removed. The standard MKF chamber is supplied complete with casters.

"Intelligent Performance" is BINDER's slogan for its new generation of environmental simulation test chambers. Intelligent Performance is currently available for MKF chambers with 240 and 720 L capacity, and for the MK version (without humidity) in 53, 240 and 720 L capacity. A 115 L version will be available shortly for both series. The deep freezing MKFT and MKT version will also be released on the market in the near future.


BINDER is the world's largest specialty manufacturer of simulation chambers for scientific and industrial applications. Its range of products and services includes routine applications, highly specific studies in research and development, production and quality assurance. With 340 employees worldwide, BINDER GmbH had annual sales of approximately €47 million in 2008.