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Booth C 02:27

(PresseBox) (Budenheim, ) BERICAP, one of the global leading producers of plastic closures, exhibits at SCANPACK 2012.

At Booth C 02:27 BERICAP presents its Capping Solutions.

BERICAP's closure knowledge is based on various markets such as food & beverage, supplying to major multinational players closures for the beverage, sauces and dressing, as well for the edible oil industry. The non-food market experience is justified with a leading supply base in markets such as closures for metal containers, special closure applications for the automotive industry and last but not least with closure supplies to globally leading companies in the chemical and detergents industry.

With several R&D centers around the world, BERICAP is committed to innovation in plastic closures for its customers' success.

BERICAP presents closures for the food and non-food industry with a special focus on closures for the chemical/agro-chemical industry, for the automotive industry as well as for sauces & dressings and edible oil producer.

The BERICAP DIN-Closure Family is growing

Perfect extension to existing DIN family introduced in 2012

The development of BERICAP's DIN closure family for plastic containers taken place the last years convinces the market and is a success story. With its standard closure sizes DIN 42, DIN 45, DIN 51/55 and DIN 60 BERICAP covers over 80% of the closure sizes applied by the container industry.

All BERICAP DIN closures are according to corresponding UN-Hazardous Goods approvals and can be equipped - child-resistant variants of DIN 45 and DIN 60 included - according to customer specification with either venting membrane and/or an ANTI-Glug pouring device to support constant and save pouring.

To guarantee product safety and quality, the closures are assembled fully automated, process-controlled and on latest technology assembly machines.

New introduced in 2012 is the DIN 60 MAB IHS (Induction Heat Seal) with ALUliner. This recently developed closure is mainly used in the chemical, automotive and AGRO-chemical business.

Next to the Tamper Evidence Band an additional ALU-seal guarantees an extra tamper evident feature. The ALU-liner is laminated on an EPE foamed liner - providing advantages by re-closing the closure. This means extra sealing safety for top-brand products: due to this additional safety feature - the closure will be also very much of interest for the Automotive sector!

SK 42/21 SFB

Another new closure to complete the BERICAP range of DIN closures is the SK 42/21 SFB. This closure with a new slitted band is available with 2 different sealing versions: SK 42/21 SFB MK - with a bore sealing system for all lightweight containers, for Non-UN containers and the SK 42/21 SFB MDS - with a foamed PE liner for all containers which requires an UN approval.

As a big advantage the TE-band will remain on the bottle. In case of automotive windshield products it prevents the closure's TE-band from e.g. being fallen in the motor compartment.

The SK 42/21 SFB main mission will be for Automotive / windshield / antifreeze- products, Detergents for professional cleaning, Liquids for the health care sector and Liquids for the Food Industry.

VENTING CAP - BV 21/24 MAB MDR provides better and safer pouring

BERICAP has proven to be a solution provider to the chemical industry and is committed to support its customers by developing adequate closure systems.

To provide a safer & better pouring "ANTI-GLUG" out of a e.g. 20L canister, the Blow-Moulding industry was asking for a solution. To support a constant and safe pouring BERICAP developed recently the VENTING CAP - BV 21/24 MAB MDR.

This system has been developed for UN-approved containers and is mainly used in the AGRO, the Chemical and the Lube-oil business.

Closure Solution for Metal Packages

BERICAP Closure SK 28/26 SLB
Support for special customer needs

Metal packages imply high quality, are secure and even under extremely conditions such as high temperatures remain tight and guarantee to the client high product safety.

For special customer needs BERICAP developed the SK 28/26 SLB, a threepiece closure with a specially inserted seal shim. This shim guarantees exceptional sealing. Upon initial opening the customer can see if the can has been tampered. The closure meets the high standard ISO 8317 for child-safe packages.

In addition, a matching pouring spout was designed that is attached to the bottleneck independent of the closure with a fixing ring and a piece that prevents it from getting lost during transport. This spout is easy for consumers to use and enables exact and clean pouring.

Closure Solution for Automotive

Telescopic closures for motor oil

The extension of the BERICAP product range for motor oil packaging with the new SVT 37.5 telescopic closure has been well received by the market.

The screw closure fitment suits a 39mm neck of a plastic container and is featured with a tamper evidence band, which breaks after first opening. An inserted EPE sealing ring secures the tightness of the package. The telescopic tube is furnished with a screw cap. Breaking its bridges (second tamper evidence) and forming a handle, the telescopic spout (135mm) can be pulled out, allowing precise pouring over a certain distance and gives access to hardto- reach filling areas.

At its next stage of development, this version of the closure will be further developed for a 38mm standard thread as predominantly used in the automotive sector. This will pave the way for application on the 1 litre containers currently on the market.

Closures for the agrochemical industry

Protection against product piracy

Product piracy and the forgery of filled product are a serious problem when it comes to chemical products for the agricultural sector. BERICAP has developed a comprehensive range of closures for the agrochemical industry to protect such sensitive filling processes against counterfeiting and manipulation.

All closures have a folded and slit guarantee band which is hard to manipulate and is visibly torn once the closure has been opened. Further protection is also afforded by using customer-specific designs and attaching a safety label over the guarantee band.

BERICAP will be introducing an appropriate range of closure solutions at SCANPACK.

As an option, BERICAP also supplies canister handles to agrochemicals fillers so that containers can be safely handled.

Weight-reduced closures for edible oil

New range of closures saves on materials and costs

In large parts of the edible oil industry, the standard 29/21 neck with a weight of 2.74 g is used for 1 litre PET bottles. This neck size was developed at a time when plastic closures were meant to fit both glass bottles and PET bottles. Today edible oil is predominantly packed in PET bottles and so BERICAP has developed a range of closures for a 26mm bottle neck diameter to support the move towards saving on costs and materials. The new 26mm closure / neck combination offers a weight reduction of 50% vs. the 29mm variant.

The inner diameter of the new neck is identical to the previous 29mm diameter, thus eliminating the need for costly modifications to filling plant and still providing the same flow rate.

BERICAP will present this new range of closures which contains one-piece and two-piece versions with a range of different design features at SCANPACK 2012.

Through this development, BERICAP is able to support the efforts of its customers to save on costs and materials and reduce the impact on the environment with lower CO2 emissions.

Weight savings with innovative closures

There is a still unrelenting level of interest in the topic of 'Lightweight' closures.

In addition to cost savings through lighter closures, this also addresses the sparing use of "Non-renewable resources" and the reduction of the greenhouse gas effect. BERICAP has already been able to convert a large portion of its different beverage closures into lighter weight versions that fit the respective bottlenecks. The resulting saving of granulate permits an annual reduction in CO2 production of some 60,000 tonnes.

New closures for hot filled beverages

New 33mm one-piece hot fill closure for JETS

Well known for hotfill application are closure sizes such as 28mm and 38mm, which are pre-dominantly used in North America, Europe and Asia.

BERICAP has developed a 33mm closure for hotfill application in 2 variants: a flat closure variant and PushPull sports closure variant, which does not need any aluminum sealing foil. Both closure types are equipped with the well known DoubleSeal system, which is featured with inside and outside seal, fixing the neck between both sealing lips. This stabilization effect is the reason why the newly developed neck needs a neck wall thickness of only 1.5mm. Despite that light weight neck, it will be deformed only neglectable during the hot fill thanks to the DoubleSeal system and the sealing integrity will not be hurt..

The newly developed closures allow on the one hand a significant weight saving for closure and neck vs. 38mm neck/closure combination currently in use and the 33mm PushPull sports closure offers the first time the option to have a sports closure for hotfill application without aluminum foil - the consumer simply opens the dust cover and the shutter and can drink.

New features for aseptic filling

DoubleSeal(TM) 33 mm - offers material and cost savings

As part of the cost saving and CO2 minimisation process being striven for a 33mm closure was developed by BERICAP.

Fillers, who switch from the 38 mm closure size to the 33 mm size, profit from lower costs due to a weight saving of approx. 30%.

Bottles with the new 33mm closure differ in terms of their appearance from the conventional beverage products with large closures and thus contribute towards a marked visual product differentiation and set the products apart in the shop shelves. Compared to the 38mm bottle used to date, the consumer enjoys a more pleasant drinking experience due to the narrower bottleneck.

The 33mm closure that is based on the BERICAP DoubleSeal(TM) has a folded and cut safety strip that breaks the first time the bottle is opened. It can also be used on all conventional aseptic systems with dry or wet sterilisation.

BERICAPs PUSH PULL Next Generation - filling without aluminium foil

Sports Caps for hot and cold aseptic fillings

Sport closures are best suited for consumption when on the move, when travelling or when doing sport; always on those occasions where the consumer wants to open and close their drinking bottle rapidly and simply.

The BERICAPs PUSH PULL Next Generation meets this requirement. This closure does not require an aluminium foil as a seal, is easy to open and meets all the requirements of a modern, environmentally-friendly and customer-friendly packaging.

Thanks to its user-friendly functionality: The consumer can enjoy a drink immediately after removing the protective gap, and by virtue of its flow rate that is approx. 30 % higher than that of conventional products this sports cap has achieved increasing acceptance in the market and on the part of consumers since its launch in 2010.

The 3 part PUSH PUSH PULL Next Generation is equipped with DoubleSeal(TM)
- technology that has also been successfully used for other BERICAP closures in the beverage industry.

The 38mm closure has been used for aspetic fillings up to now and is appropriate for wet and dry sterilisation processes. The successful qualification of the 33mm PushPull Next Generation for the hot filling process by a multinational beverage filler in Latin America is a new feature. This is a further innovative step due to the complete dispensing with an aluminium foil seal.

Light closure solutions for non-carbonated water

BERICAP HexaLite® 26 and 29 mm

The bottlenecks for PET 29/25 and PET 26 were developed for still beverages, in particular for non-carbonated water running in parallel with PCO 1881. Both bottlenecks have now been established by CETIE as European standards.

PET 29/25 is mainly to be found in Europe and the neighbouring regions whilst PET 26/22 achieves high levels of acceptance in Northern America and China, but have also been able to celebrate their first successes in Europe.

BERICAP offers the HexaLite® product lines 29/11 and 26/10 for these bottlenecks.

HexaLite® closures guarantee the exceptional leak proof nature of the container due to its specific closure design. The cut and folded safety strip guarantees high levels of product security as it breaks easily when first opened and thus makes the integrity of the product clearly visible to the consumer.

BERICAP's SuperShorty® for PCO 1881

Lighter closures for carbonated beverages

The market success of the BERICAP Double Seal SuperShorty® is seemingly irrepressible. The SuperShorty®-Family has already been able to successfully establish itself throughout the world. Whether it is oxygen-sensitive beer in PET packaging, aseptic filling or the use of carbonated beverages: BERICAP has the right product for each closure.

PCO 1881 developed by the International Society of Beverage Technologists (ISBT) specially for the filling of carbonated beverages is very probably the most well-known lightweight bottleneck to have established itself on the market to date.

BERICAP offers six different closures with different weights for the PCO 1881 bottleneck, upon request also in a customised design.

The single part DoubleSeal SuperShorty® Crown was established as the first version to be used in the beer market and can be equipped with a liner that absorbs oxygen to maintain the quality of the beer.

Additional DoubleSeal SuperShorty® versions that also come in one part, such as the DoubleSeal SuperShorty® CSD, and the weight-reduced DoubleSeal SuperShorty® Eco were successfully launched onto the market for carbonated beverages (up to 8gr CO2 / l).

The DoubleSeal SuperShorty® Still is available for still beverages. The DoubleSeal SuperShorty® Still is also available for hot filling. This offers a significant potential for savings compared to conventional closures and bottlenecks.

The LinerSeal Supershorty® rounds off the range of beverage closures.

In addition to this sport caps were developed for the PCO 1881 bottleneck: The two part THUMB'UP® and the 3 part PushPull sports closure have now been successfully launched on the market.


BERICAP is a globally acting manufacturer of plastic closures with 21 factories in 19 countries across the world, on-going projects in several countries of Asia and a network of licensees and partners to supply similar products made according to the same quality and service standards to its global customers; with a mould shop in Hungary and several satellite R&D offices in its main operations, BERICAP is particularly committed to development and innovation in plastic closures for its customers.
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