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Elestan - a 4-in-1 plant-based solution for more elastic, youthful skin

(PresseBox) (Monheim, ) The demand for skin care products that can help counteract the negative effects of aging is increasing rapidly. Recent advances in science are opening up promising new ways for manufacturers to serve this trend. Elestan is a new 4in-1 solution from Laboratoires Sérobiologiques (LS), the active ingredient business of Cognis Care Chemicals, that not only protects the skin and counteracts the negative effects of aging, but also restores elasticity and firmness. Elestan is an extract of the leaves of Manilkara, an African tree.

Elestan is a new plantbased active from LS that helps the skin stay young in four ways, keeping it firmer and more elastic - and as a result, stronger and more youthful. With aging, the process of elastin degradation, which is regulated by naturally occurring enzymes called elastases, is disturbed. This leads to excessive degradation of the elastic fiber network, one of the major causes of skin aging and loss of elasticity. Elestan combats the effect of elastases, thereby protecting elastin and preserving the skin's youthfulness. Where the elastic fiber network is already damaged, Elestan can contribute to its recovery by boosting the production of elastin. Similarly, Elestan also stimulates the synthesis of proteins associated with elastin, such as Emilin-1 and Fibulin-5, that play a crucial role in elastin formation and facilitate the correct organization of newly synthesized elastic fibers.

Another factor in the loss of skin elasticity is glycation, or the formation of covalent bonds between glucose molecules and proteins of the extracellular matrix that causes the structural proteins of the skin to become more rigid. Here too Elestan can help, by inhibiting the rigidification of skin fibers.

Proven efficacy The efficacy of Elestan has been verified in various clinical tests. One of these was based on the innovative Dynaskin method. This involves deforming the skin with a stream of pressurized air, and measuring the deformation behavior with a 3D fringe projection technique. Skin firmness and tonicity were significantly improved after application of Elestan, compared to a placebo formulation: the volume of the depression was reduced by 10%, and its maximum depth by 5%.

Comments Anne-Laurie Rodrigues, LS Communications Manager: "Not long ago, combining these four benefits would have seemed an unrealistic aim, but Elestan successfully does so. As a result, consumers can protect their skin, help to maintain its youthful appearance, and restore its suppleness and firmness all at the same time. We believe that this will give a further boost to what is already a fastgrowing market for skin, face and body care products with antiaging and firming claims."

Cosmetic applications

- Antiaging face care
- Elasticityenhancing face care
- Antiaging, antiglycation preventive skin care
- Firming body care

Technical data

INCI name: Elestan LS 9913: Glycerin (and) Manilkara Multinervis Leaf Extract (and) Water
Preservative: None
Dose of use: 2-3%
Aspect: Brownred syrupy liquid with a weak odor
Solubility: Soluble in water, insoluble in oils and fats

A more concentrated powder version, Elestan PW LS 9879, is also available.

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About Laboratoires Sérobiologiques

Laboratoires Sérobiologiques is Cognis Care Chemicals’ active ingredients business. It specializes in the development, manufacture and marketing of innovative cosmetic concepts and active ingredients.

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