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Turbine powers innovative angle-grinder

, Produktionstechnik, DEPRAG SCHULZ GMBH u. CO.

Sparks fly and the shipbuilding worker perspires under his safety goggles. In his gloved hands he is holding an angle-grinder. With strength...

The new KBA Rapida 105 PRO scores points in North Africa

, FirmenIntern, Koenig & Bauer AG

Although the Rapida 105 PRO hasn’t been on the market long it is already proving to be very popular. An example of this is in the Maghreb countries...

The easy-to-configure 3D vision sensor

, Optische Technologien, Sick AG

The new TriSpector1000 is SICK's first 3D vision sensor, which, thanks to its simple configuration, can carry out inspection tasks standalone...

PowerProx MultiTask photoelectric proximity sensors: The fantastic four

, Optische Technologien, Sick AG

The new standard for reliable detection with an extended sensing range cannot be measured with a conventional yardstick. After all, with sensing...

A new age couldn't get off to a safer start

, Sicherheit, Sick AG

With the microScan3, SICK is starting a new generation of safety laser scanners. microScan3 reliably protects hazardous areas, accesses, and...

Senvion celebrates the commercial operation of its largest onshore project: the 350 megawatts Rivière-du-Moulin Wind Farm

, Energie- / Umwelttechnik, Senvion SE

Senvion, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of wind turbines, is marking the commercial operation of the Rivière-du-Moulin wind project...

Miniature multiturn without a battery and gearhead

, Produktionstechnik, WITTENSTEIN AG

Thanks to WITTENSTEIN cyber motor's "cyber dynamic line", size 32 and 40 industry-standard brushless DC motors with a miniature multiturn encoder...

New alpha Value Line gearhead series: Individual talents for driving any axis

, Produktionstechnik, WITTENSTEIN AG

Maximum configuring flexibility, timely availability, lifelong reliability and economic efficiency – these features all help the modular alpha...

LoeschPack presents system solution for fold wrapping and flow packs

, Produktionstechnik, Loesch Verpackungstechnik GmbH

At ProSweets Cologne, being held at the same time as ISM from 31 January to 3 February 2016, packaging machine manufacturer LoeschPack will be...

Keeping a cool head on super computer

, Produktionstechnik, Grundfos GmbH

At the Danish Technical University Risø, one of the world's most powerful computers has its home. It is used in Danish and European healthcare...

Shaping interurban mobility as a partner to the aerospace industry

, FirmenIntern, Schaeffler AG

FAG Aerospace, a part of the Schaeffler Group, has opened its first aerospace bearing remanufacturing center for the Asia Pacific region in Singapore....

Gefahren aus der IT-Welt mit direkten Auswirkungen auf das tägliche Leben

, Sicherheit, TREND MICRO Deutschland GmbH

Ob es beispielsweise der Diebstahl vertraulicher Informationen, die anschließend für erpresserische Zwecke genutzt werden, oder das Ausnutzen...

Pneumatic concept reduces set-up times in pressing plants

, Maschinenbau, Jakob-Gruppe

Increased performance thanks to automated set-up processes: due to the large number of different products, modern pressing plants nowadays -...

MES in Medical Device Manufacturing - Looking Beyond the eDHR (2/2)

, Software, Critical Manufacturing Deutschland GmbH

In our previous article on the role of eDHR in Medical Device and Diagnostics industry, we saw how an MES application is best suited to help...

The worldwide first temporary employment company for humanoid robots

, Produktionstechnik, ROBOZÄN GmbH i.G

Robot pioneer and entrepreneur Matthias Krinke has founded the first staff and temporary employment company in the world for robots, especially...

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