Route optimisation and GPS-supported data acquisition

, Software

Rock concert or building site - the blue cabins of WMS WC-Mietservice are always present. The Swiss company has been leasing mobile toilets and...

No more transposed digits

, Software

At the end of the year, the machines of numerous companies stand still. The reason: the annual stocktake is about to start. Specifically, this...

Automated inventory management with SAP

, Software

H. & E. Reinert Westfälische Privat-Fleischerei GmbH is based in Versmold, Westphalia, Germany, and has been producing premium meat and sausage...

Product optimisation at Isola GmbH

, Software

Isola GmbH was founded in Düren in 1912 and currently employs around 350 people. The company is an affiliated company of Isola USA Corp. that...

Media interruption free identification technology

, Software

Labelling and inventory management of the tangible assets MBDA Deutschland GmbH is Germany's leading global missile systems company. It develops,...

Mobile data acquisition at Heidelberg Cement AG

, Software

Heidelberg Cement AG is a global additives market leader in the concrete and cement industries and other downstream activities and is one of...

Mobile maintenance solution for SAP PM

, Software

About Weidmuller Interface GmbH & Co. KG You can recognise a successful company by the intelligent way it handles its resources. And the best...

Recording dynamic processes in flux

, Software

“The only thing that is constant is change” - so said the ancient philosopher Heraclitus two thousand years ago. This has since become a mark...

Process optimisation and a high degree of flexibility in the logistics chain

, Software

The approximately 1,500 employees of Munichbased F. X. MEILLER GmbH & Co. KG produce and sell tipper truck bodies and trailers and highquality...

Group-wide contract with Continental

, Software

Continental AG has already been working together successfully with Membrain GmbH in the field of mobile data acquisition since 2006. Now, Continental...

Managing more than 10,000 labels in SAP per day

, Software

Black-box labelling logic CHT R. Beitlich GmbH prints a lot of labels on a daily basis. An awful lot of labels. More than 10,000 labels in around...

Mobile management of one million stock movements

, Finanzen / Bilanzen

About Chemion logistics GmbH Chemion provides logistics services for various companies in the chemical industry including, e.g. postal, courier,...

Auf der Suche nach der besten Programmiersprache

, Software

Seit geraumer Zeit haben sich unter den Software-Entwicklern im Enterprise-Mobility-Umfeld zwei Fraktionen gebildet: Zum einen sind da die Android-Anhänger,...

Membrain-Technologie erhält Industriepreis 2016

, Software

Die Huber Verlag für Neue Medien GmbH prämiert mit dem INDUSTRIEPREIS besonders fortschrittliche Industrieprodukte mit einem hohen wirtschaftlichen,...

Ausgezeichnete Lösung für mobile Instandhaltung und Service

, Software

Unter der Schirmherrschaft der TÜV Informationstechnik GmbH (TÜV NORD GROUP) sind im Jahr 2016 diejenigen Firmen prämiert worden, deren innovative...

Marketing Teaser

  • Einführung in die IT-gestützte Anlageninventur Das Seminar „IT-gestützte Anlageninventur“ führt ein in die mobile Anlageninventur und demonstriert den Nutzen.
  • Zebra-Drucker und Labelmanagement in SAP Zebra (Hardware): Road-Map, neue Drucker, Etiketten etc. | Membrain (Software): SAP Labelmanagement und Etikettendruck


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